Erin McKee moves up the ranks at Maywood

Hannah Norton, News Editor

On July 1, Liberty’s Assistant Principal Erin McKee will officially transfer to Maywood Middle School, where she will become the new principal. McKee has been an educator since 2001. She has worked at Liberty for the past three years.

“When I learned that Mr. Morse had decided to move on in the district, I couldn’t help myself—I’ve always wanted to be a middle school principal,” McKee said.

McKee believes that her life and work experience will help her succeed at Maywood.

“I struggled with a lot of things in middle school, and it was very hard for me,” McKee said. “I want to be the person to help students with whatever they’re going through because they need to know that people care about them.”

Although she is excited to move to Maywood, McKee will miss Liberty.

“The student body is just so spirited and involved,” McKee said. “The memories that I have at Liberty are things that I’ll take with me when I go to Maywood; they have become a part of me.”

“Liberty was my first administrative job, and I’ve learned so much from the students, teachers, and administrators here,” McKee said. “Liberty will always have a special place in my heart.”