Pacific Northwest sustains Sustainibility

Angela Greggs, Staff Writer

On May 18, Liberty held four Sustainability TALKS about climate change throughout the day. Each talk was 50 minutes long and had up to seven speakers. Among those speakers were freshmen Raj Duraisamy and Brett Roper.

“My talk was about how China, in 2020, will create a global, clean future for their citizens through renewable energy,” Duraisamy said. “I mainly joined the program to better my public speaking skills, but I also had a recent interest in the environment.”

The talks were put on by Sustainability Ambassadors, a Puget Sound based program that focuses on the importance of the environment, climate, waste, and stormwater education. Their main goal is to educate students, staff, and other citizens around the Puget Sound on how important their current habits of waste and energy usage can affect the future.

“It’s time to initiate our youth in the responsibilities of the 21st century using the new three R’s: rigor, relevance, and relationship,” President Peter Donaldson said on the Sustainability Ambassadors website.