Athletic Director tackles the position of Assistant Principal

Hannah Norton, News Editor

After serving as Liberty’s Athletic Director for the past three years, Loren Krogstad will become the assistant principal for the 2017-18 school year. Prior to Liberty, Krogstad taught social studies in South Dakota for 15 years and at Skyline High School for eight.

“Although I got my Masters’ Degree in educational administration, I enjoyed the classroom so much that it was hard to leave it,” Krogstad said. “But I always knew, in the back of my mind, that getting into administration was something that interested me.”

Krogstad hopes that this position will help him connect with students more than he has been able to.

“Certainly I won’t have as strong of a connection to athletics,” Krogstad said. “But I hope that since I’m still in the building, I’ll still get to see that aspect of it, if not quite as directly.”

“As much as I like high school athletics, the fact that I was in the classroom for 23 years made me realize the value in my experience in high school education,” Krogstad said. “I think that as assistant principal, I can have an even larger impact on the Liberty community than I have so far.”