Munson wins “Adviser of the Year” award

Annabelle Smith, Feature Editor

Most students at Liberty know ASB adviser Michelle Munson. But what many don’t know is just how hardworking, charismatic, and dedicated she is–which is what her recent award, Washington State High School Leadership Adviser of the Year, recognizes her for.
“The award is important because it recognizes the school as a whole, so it’s celebrating what she’s able to do in our community,” principal Sean Martin said. “It recognizes something that I know already, which is that she does a great job and puts in an incredible amount of time and effort.”
The award was presented on March 15 at the annual conference of the Washington Activity Coordinators Association, or WACA. Munson was nominated by her ASB class.
“Munson doesn’t think she needs recognition,” ASB executive president Laurie Willoughby said. “And that’s so humble of her, but we know how great she is and we want other people to know.  So in order to make her uncomfortable, to push her a little bit, and because we love her so much, we thought we should do this.”
The nomination process required the students to submit a recommendation and an essay to WACA.
“To know your students believe in your efforts enough to take the extra step, let alone to be selected, is something I really can’t put into words,” Munson said.
ASB students nominated her as a way of showing their thanks for all the years she has dedicated to her students and Liberty’s ASB program.
“Over the four years that we’ve have been here, we’ve really appreciated everything she’s done for us and the school,” Willoughby said.
But as well as showing to Munson how much she is appreciated by her students, the award goes above and beyond simple thanks.
“Although we could say anything we need to say with a hug, or a thank you, this was a little bigger than us,” Willoughby said. “And it shows just how much the community appreciates her, too.”