Liberty scores a new scoreboard

Mandy Latham, Senior Writer

Liberty’s scoreboard has seen better days-and now it’s out with the old and in with the new: that is, a new scoreboard. The package deal of the school remodel also included a new score board that will be installed on the football field.
The scoreboard has a lot more technology than our school is used to which will have a lot of impact on the fans experience.
“It’s going to have a video monitor that can show videos or pictures or whatever we choose to put on it and that’s stuff we are still learning how to do,” athletic director Loren Krogstad said “It kind of has all the bells and whistles.”
The scoreboards higher efficiency and wireless capability will allow this scoreboard to be cost saving with less maintenance issues.
“We’re going to have a state of the art facility and a facility that we will be able to use in the years to come that will last and that can be upgraded overtime as needed, but actually serves our needs right now,” Principal Sean Martin said.
With many games coming up soon it will be put to use with its better readability and higher technology capability compared to the older one.