CYC Club celebrates students cultures

Mandy Latham, Senior Writer

CYC, or Celebrating your Culture club came to be through Kurtz explaining the difference between culture appropriation and cultural appreciation. From there Katherine Sergeeva, Jency Clement and Tina Bardot went to Michelle Munson about the creation of CYC club. This club focuses or celebrates the diversities of Liberty by sharing food and information about cultures.
“I think people should join this club because it encourages you to be more accepting of other and more understanding of others people’s life through a different perspective,” CYC’s co-founder sophomore Katherine Sergeeva said.
The club hopes to bring about cultural awareness and cultural understanding.
“CYC is about embracing your culture and there aren’t really any other clubs that are about that,” the clubs other co-founder sophomore Tina Bardot said.
At CYC’s first meeting, students played a culturally changed game of Pictionary where they drew what they identified as other cultures and then talked about that stereotype.
“I am excited to open the conversation up a little bit because I feel that at Liberty we could stand to learn a little bit more about cultures and perspectives of people that are different from us,” CYC’s advisor Aubrey Mathwig said.