Nationally-ranked robotics team begins build season

Macee Vadney, Assistant News Editor

“The toughest fun you’ll ever have” is how Liberty High School Robotics team describes their Clubs build season.
The Robotics Club is made up of students ranging from the freshman to the senior class.
“We have 41 people on the roster this year, which is four times as many as we had last year,” sophomore and team Head of Hardware Andrew Chappelle said.
The team’s year begins with Pre Build Season. They then carry into Build Season, then Post Build Season, then comes Competition. Then the team starts their second Post Build Season. And lastly, Summer.
Currently, your Liberty Robotics team is taking in the “grueling” six week period of the Build Season. This period of time is spent building and working towards a robot that will be entered in the robotics competition.
“We have six weeks to build and design a robot and then we get to ‘Bag and Tag’ it,” Chappelle said.
Meetings during build season are held for six hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On weekends, the team works from eight am to nine pm
“We start at two thirty and build game pieces or design the robot. Then we have driver practice and have dinner. We usually go home at eight,” Chappelle said.
The importance of the teams Build Season is to work towards their main goal, the Steamworks competition. The competitions will be held in Auburn, Auburn Mountain View, and the regional competition in Spokane.
“Competition is a really fun atmosphere with a lot of dancing,” Chappelle said.
Some students participate in the competition, other cheer from the stands.
“Robotics club is a place to go to just build robots, we are like a family,” Chappelle said.
Nationally ranked and ready to compete, Liberty High School Robotics Club takes their season head-on.