Liberty gains a brand new laser cutter

Gabe Waldbaum, Editor-In-Chief

Liberty High School’s engineering department recently achieved its goals of provide more advance and programmable technology for our wood shop by purchasing a new laser cutter.
The students who use the laser cutter right now are part of the nationally-ranked Robotics team, but engineering classes get the opportunity to use the equipment too.
“It’s really nice to use because we can just prototype parts and other objects,” Robotics head of hardware Joe Bergin said.
The laser cutter is used to cut or engrave materials accurately and efficiency. It would be easier to think of it as an intense laser pointer that cleanly burns through or engraves materials.
“It’s an important part of robotics,” Bergin said. “It’s really nice, does the job well, and is great for what it does.”
The engineering classes will use the laser cutter for experience with more modern technology, but will not go into depth about how to program the machine due to the lack of project time. The equipment is designated adding on to future engineering projects instead of being a focal point.
“I think it is a great idea to show kids what is out there because as teachers we have to show what technology is coming and out now, and not just stay in the dark ages,” Robotics club advisor and engineering teacher Tod Oney said.