DECA breaks records at Area competition

Felicia Yan, Staff Writer

Imagine being the manager at a five-star hotel where multiple superstars are staying, then finding out that one of your workers has posted the location and room number of one of the most popular singers on social media. Of course, this superstar is extremely upset, and this may disturb the company image of your entire hotel chain, as well as deter the entire customer branch of famous singers and actors.
How do you deal with the customer, the worker, and what do you tell the public? This is just one of the scenarios that senior DECA member Anthony Alegrete had to respond to by presenting a solution to a judge, who played the role of the CEO of the hotel.
Solving real life problems like this is what DECA students are familiarized with, in order to be successful at their DECA competition and conferences. On January 6, LHS DECA attended the Area Career and Development Conference, the qualification competition for the state competition in March, where they set a record-breaking number of 89 state qualifiers.
“It was a remarkably successful competition; we saw more freshman qualifiers than in the past year, and the overall chapter had very strong representation at the conference,” DECA advisor Chris Gapinski says.
Liberty DECA was represented by ten first-place champions, setting another new record at the Area conference. Out of the 89 state qualifiers, 38 of those students “double qualified” with two events, and one student qualified in three. Most prominently, 18% of all state qualifiers at the Area Competition were from Liberty DECA.
“Liberty was well represented on the Area Stage and our record number of first place champions proves that our chapter is a force to be reckoned with,” senior DECA president Riley McNutt says.
DECA state qualifiers will be participating in a Mock State Competition at the end of February to prepare for the State Career and Development Conference, the qualification competition for nationals.
“Regardless of the career path you decide to take, DECA gives you the skills that prepare you for a successful future,” Gapinski says.