2017-2018 Registration Rundown

Brigitte Larkin, Social Media Director

Every year students go through the same struggle: figuring out how to balance their schedule without overwhelming themselves. Core selection process starts on March 10, and principal Sean Martin and school registrar Christy Bressler offer the following advice:
1. Approaching registration in a way where you’re really curious about what’s out there and trying to figure out how to prepare yourself the best is really important.
2. Be very careful with what you choose because that’s how we build the entire school schedule.
3. An exciting part of registration is figuring out how to actually get exposure to as many things as possible that can fit your goal.
4. Try to diversify yourself, and not just take the same path for everything.
5. Balancing it out and not overdoing yourself is important.
6. Don’t overdo yourself with AP, kids think that they need to be in AP, and that’s not necessarily true.
7. Try things before you sign up for too much of it.
8. Finding a way to balance your schedule to help yourself be the most successful, to learn the most so that you’re not burned out, but also so that you are pushing yourself and striving to keep getting better is important.
A helpful tool for learning more about the kinds of classes that are out there is the Liberty High School Course Guide, which has descriptions for every class offered. The guide can be found under the Academics tab on the Liberty homepage.