New officers upgrade Honors Society

Mary Russell, Editor in Chief

The combination of better communication, new officers, and the addition of community service opportunities has greatly benefited Honor Society this year.
“So far, the better communication has impacted the attendance of the meetings. Besides that, we also established a new active member requirement of attending five of the eight meetings. Whether it’s the better communications or the new requirements, there has definitely been a stronger presence,” advisor Stephen Darnell said.
Along with better connections, Darnell and the officers have introduced new ideas of group community service activities.
Darnell appreciates the unique twist that the current officers have added.
“These guys have really taken on a self-initiative. I think that’s also reflective of a stronger club that we’re trying to create. We have people in charge who are concerned and capable,” Darnell said.
One of these capable people is President Felicia Yan, who is responsible for the induction ceremony for new members.
“Usually the turn out for the induction ceremony is rather low, but this year it was pretty high. It ran very smoothly, and I think that overall it was very successful. The incoming sophomores are very competent and overall good participants, and I think that they will do very well this year,” Yan said.
Throughout all of the changes, Darnell believes that Honor Society needs to give the members important takeaways of purposeful service.
“What we are trying to get out of this year is to legitimize the club community service aspect of things—to take it beyond just the classroom academic achievement and to really leave a mark. We want to make the club a service-oriented experience,” Darnell said.