Friendship brings football to second in State


Tina Bardot, Staff Writer

In this year’s lengthy football season, the team remained undefeated for 12 consecutive games, much further than the Liberty High School football team has gone in the past. Although the team was unable to defeat Archbishop Murphy at state, losing 56-14, the players defied expectations by making it to the title of second in state.
Senior captain Torey Anderson believes part of the teammates’ successful season was rooted in close friendships and strong teamwork.
“The team chemistry is awesome,” Anderson said.  “We do a great job of getting along. We call ourselves ‘the brotherhood.’”
With solid collaboration, the players have performed well on the field. According to senior team captain Dulin Hayden, getting along well has made it easier for the players to work together well.
“My teammates are the guys I talk to off the field, and I think it helps on the field because we have that chemistry,” Hayden said.
Being part of a team is an individual effort as well as a collective one. The unwavering dedication from each player contributed to the overall harmony of the team, which strengthened the bonds between the teammates and translates on the field into success.
The Patriot players defied expectations by dominating their final two games before the State Championship and keeping their tenacious winning streak.
Against River Ridge, the Liberty team’s strong defense thwarted the Hawks’ final offensive play after a very close game, which brought them one step closer to state. Against the robust Hawks quarterback, Kelle Sanders, a solid collaboration between the Patriots was necessary to advance to the next round of the playoffs.
The Liberty football team led an equally riveting game against Ellensburg, winning 35-26. During most of the game, the Patriots had a large advantage over the Bulldogs, with a lead of 35-7, and kept up a strong defense as the Bulldogs fought back.
In their fourth attempt at state, the Liberty team’s winning streak came to an end against the Archbishop Murphy Wildcats, ending up as second in state for the 2AA football division.