Liberty adds new KCLS resources for student research

Kenadi Browne, Editor-in-Chief

A new partnership between the Issaquah School District and King County Library System now allows Liberty students to access databases and electronic resources through the KCLS website using only their student ID number.
Previously, students could only access these databases with a library card, but now the resources are available to all students.
“The idea is to share resources so that we’re not duplicating sources for the same patrons,” librarian JoAnn Olsson said. “In the past, students would go to the Liberty library page, which had as many databases as the school could afford. But the school no longer has to pay for some of them, because we have access to them through KCLS.”
Olsson hopes that this collaboration will create the opportunity to add more student-tailored databases to the library page so that students can conduct better research.
“This program benefits students a lot,” Olsson said. “They will have access to so much more.”