Homecoming tradition comes to an end

Gabe Waldbaum, Editor-In-Chief

The long standing tradition of a Homecoming class floats has come to a close this year due to wheels not permitted on the new track.
“I’m sad because I love the floats and I think everyone gets excited to see them and the hard work the officers put into them,” ASB Female Representative Megan Kirschner said. “However, it allowed us to really hammer down hallway decorations.”
Even though the floats have been cancelled, the ASB has started a brand new project in the meantime.
“Any alumni that is at the game can give a quote about their Liberty experience, and then we are going to put that quote in a book and that book into the office, so it will be a legacy project,” ASB advisor Michelle Munson said.
When the track wears down, Munson says, the floats may become a possibility again.