DECA prepares for leadership conference

Mehul Krishna, Staff Writer

Twelve members of DECA, including four officers, are heading to the Power Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. from November 17 through 20. There, chapters from all over the country will gather to attend workshops that focus on developing leadership ability and citizenship.
“I believe it is mostly an overall enrichment thing for the students,” DECA advisor Chris Gapinski said. “The best part of the conference is that they have those various workshops.”
These workshops feature corporate speakers, including a country singer featured on the Voice, Kat Perkins, and an author, Byron V. Garrett. Upperclassmen have the opportunities to hear from these business professionals and explore a possible career or college major in business. Moreover, students possess the opportunity to learn techniques about public speaking and boost their confidence.
“I think a large part of business now, and especially in the future, is being able to speak in front of people,” junior and DECA Public Relations Grace Lee said. “That was something I was very nervous about, but after signing up for DECA, I gained a lot of confidence in that area.”
The workshops provide tools for competition preparation, and chapter development ideas. They give students the opportunities to acquire new insight into developing the chapter, which can help support students at home.
Members will also go sightseeing in Washington D.C. and gain a fun travel experience. Attendees visit the National Mall and Smithsonian Museums including the Museum of Natural History, The National Zoo, the Lincoln Memorial, and National Museum of American History. Through travel, members have the chance to grow closer as a chapter.
“I would say traveling, whether across another state, or across a country, gives you an opportunity to grow,” DECA President and Senior McNutt said. “I’ve grown in a very different way [in international competition] than in state competitions.”
This conference does not only help Liberty’s chapter, but benefits the DECA organization as a whole since the event garners attention for the organization. This brings more awareness for DECA and helps inspire youth to learn about business.