ASB sets out to change the school

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

If you had one year to change the school, what would you do?
That is the task faced by ASB this year as they set out to better the Liberty community in some way. In theory, the assignment sounds easy: find something that you are passionate about and discover a way to change the school using that passion. The projects have aptly been coined as passion projects. There are hardly any guidelines for the project, rather it is up to the student to figure out how big or small they want to make it.
ASB advisor Michelle Munson was inspired by the work at Issaquah High School and after talking to their advisor, decided to incorporate the project here at Liberty. After making a few adjustments, she knew that this project could have a big impact. Munson says she is excited to see where each project leads.
“And when I started to do it a year ago I realized the power that comes behind a passion project,” Munson said.
Munson’s own passion project is the Leadership 101 class, which she started last year. She wants to help create a curriculum that can be adapted into other schools thereby creating more change for the community. Munson says that Leadership 101 is the perfect passion project for her because it combines her passion of teaching leadership with positive change.
“My passion project is painted parking spots. I got this idea from Twitter, where there was a Twitter moment, in August, about schools who were painting their parking spots,” ASB president Laurie Willoughby said.
After doing some research, including calling several schools in Texas, she felt excited because she loved her project and really felt like it could work.
“I felt really inspired because I love art, and unconventional art that doesn’t happen on canvas, and so I thought it would be super cool to bring this idea to Liberty.”