Freshman group helps build school in Nepal


Hannah Norton, News Editor

A group of nine Liberty freshmen and five parents went on a very unique trip over spring break: they spent ten days in central Nepal, building schools, traveling through villages and cities, and exploring, all through a non-profit organization known as BuildOn.
“I went on this trip for two reasons: for the experience, and also to be able to help the children. I knew that this school, and the education that they would receive from it, would change their lives,” freshman Cassidy Hay said.
The students had the opportunity to not only work on their own, but to partake in the local Nepalese culture.
“Each day, we would begin with yoga, then work on the construction of the school in the morning,” freshman Ryan Kirschner said.
The group traveled through the cities of Kathmandu and Dhangadhi, and the village of Pillariphata. They also explored the jungles surrounding the village.
The students who went on the trip say that it was truly a life and view changing experience.
“This trip made me realize how much we take for granted here back in the United States. The village that we stayed in had nothing,” freshman Quinlan Gray said. “They didn’t have any restaurants or grocery stores, but lived completely off of the land.”
“The one thing that really surprised me was how similar we were to the people there,” freshman Ty Aramaki said. “It somehow seemed like, in terms of personality, I had as much in common with these people as I do with my friends in my grade.”