Q & A with Future Gibson Ek student, Emily Basset

Anna Malesis, Editor-in-Chief

QWhat initially sparked your interest in Gibson Ek?

A I have a bunch of friends at my church who are in Bellevue Big Picture, and they all love it. It’s become a really good change for them. Looking around, I’m not really into school spirit, and this place seemed like good way to get more outside world experience..
Q Is there something in particular you are looking forward to studying?

A I’m definitely looking forward to looking more into photography and working with kids. Also, branching out in my writing would be a bonus; I would love to do that.

QHow do you think going to Gibson Ek will affect your future, particularly getting into college?

A I think it will actually be highly beneficial. They’ve talked to schools like Ivy League schools, they talked to UW, also private colleges like Gonzaga, and all the colleges were super excited. I think 92% of big picture school students are accepted to the college of their choice. Colleges love this because students have more experience.

QHow exactly will Gibson Ek be different from school here at Liberty?

AGibson Ek is going to be a lot different because we will only go to school two days a week, and those two days are going to be quiet work time or meeting with your advisor—one of the ten teachers who are going to be around campus. There is going to be a lot of project-based learning, but the other three days we are going to be working at our internships, getting real-world experience. Maybe you could get an internship at Microsoft or at a school or psychiatrist or wherever you want to work.