Twenty-one international DECA participants strive for success

Sidney Ching, Staff Writer

Last spring, Liberty DECA brought home a significant honor: Senior Alex Wilsey placed second at internationals in Business Services Marketing.
This spring, Liberty may even have a greater chance of bringing a victory home from DECA Nationals 2016; DECA Coordinator Chris Gapinski is taking a whopping total of twenty-one people—the most Liberty has ever brought—to Nashville, Tennessee from April 22-27.
The people in this large group have common goals and expectations for nationals, and varying backgrounds and experiences in DECA.
Junior Soraya Marashi placed third for her event at state and qualified for nationals.
“My aspirations are to place at nationals this year and to bring home a win,”Marashi said. “I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my chapter and checking out the city of Nashville!”
Senior Tyler Wray has similar aspirations for nationals, but a different background in DECA. As a part of the DECA executive board, Wray, along with the other executive officers, expanded DECA’s competition preparation workshops, which were created last year with the purpose of teaching younger students how to succeed in competition.
“This year, we were able to see how successful it was in the large number of state and national qualifiers,” Wray said.
Wilsey, another member of the DECA executive board, qualified once again for nationals.
Last year he placed second for internationals, but he has even bigger goals for this year.
“It’s been a great year for the whole DECA chapter. We set records for both state and national qualifiers,” Wilsey said. “The goal is obviously to win. Last year I placed second, so it would be cool to finally win one.”
The Liberty students in this DECA chapter have promising backgrounds and experience in DECA, and have a good chance of bringing home a win.