JSA Fight Apathy week promotes student interest in politics

Betsy Faris, News Editor

Fight apathy week was hosted by Liberty’s JSA chapter the week before spring break. JSA opened registration for the 2016 Fight Apathy campaign, marking its third year as a nationwide initiative. The week consisted of Patriot’s writing on stickers what they believed in, along with registering students to vote, to fight voter apathy and promote an interest in politics.
The Fight Apathy week campaign promotes an active student role in politics, expressing the importance of voting and fulfilling your civic duty.
“JSA’s motto is fight apathy, so our chapter wanted to emphasis to voters the importance of understanding the political climate that America is facing, and the importance of each vote and how it will affect them in the future,” junior Soraya Marashi said.
Fight Apathy week is a way to not only advertise the club, but bring attention to an issue that has been growing.
“There are seniors who are able to vote, but don’t have an interest in politics, and were promoting people to be active in their community and develop their own opinions on current issues,” Marashi said. “We live in a democratic society and it’s important for people to understand how much gravity and power each vote holds. “
This is JSA’s first year as a chapter, and despite some difficulties, the club has intentions of continuing into next year and growing as a chapter. JSA’s advisor is unavailable for next year to continue being the advisor, and there has been some issues regarding hosting and attending conferences.
“JSA is a club that requires a lot of outside of school involvement if you want the ‘full JSA experience,’ and so we hope to find an advisor for future years that can make that time commitment with us,” senior Lorrin Johnson said.
The club is currently working on ideas to promote the club next year and to continue to attend Fall and Spring state, along with putting on conventions of their own.