Students display their skills at annual talent show

Jacqueline Rayfield, Editor-in-Chief

After extensive preparation, Liberty’s students took the stage at the annual talent show to display the fruits of their hard work. Freshman Lili Galluzzo was crowned with first place, followed by senior David Rodriguez in second and senior Yana Lozina in third.
Lili Galluzzo earned her title by performing an original song titled “Remember Me,” dedicated to her sister, senior Samantha Galluzzo.
“I was inspired by the fact that Samantha’s leaving for college this year. I remember hearing the song “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” by Carrie Underwood,” Galluzzo said. “I can’t sing like Carrie Underwood so I thought I would write my own song.”
Lozina was inspired to perform a dance based on rhythmic gymnastics by that fact that she is also graduating this year. She practiced gymnastics for ten years before taking a break two years ago.
“I wanted to do the talent show since freshman year when I came here, but I was just never ready or something came up. But this year I just thought it’s my senior year so I’m going to do it,” Lozina said.
Rodriguez, on the other hand, was a returning performer, but this was his first year performing solo.
“This year I was really inspired by my last year group partners, Will Nguyen and Daniel Demps,” Rodriguez said. “Going into it last year with them was way easier than this year just because they were with me the entire time keeping me cool.”
Rodriguez choreographed his own dance to dubstep music.
“It took me about seven hours to come up with the mix of songs I wanted to use, so that’s where most of my time was spent,” Rodriguez said.
Despite all of their practice, these winners were all surprised to receive awards.
“I thought Yana was going to be above me for sure because she did incredibly. It was really great behind stage because Lili Galluzzo was super nervous about the whole thing. Her sister had never heard the song before so I was really excited for her,” Rodriguez said.
Despite Galluzzo’s nerves, she was grateful for the support of all the other talent show participants.
“I was so nervous, but everyone took me under their arm. They were so nice and it didn’t feel like a competition at all. It just felt like people performing together and having a good time,” Galluzzo said.