Q & A with Carrie Reckling

Betsy Faris, News Editor

Q: What differences have you seen between other schools and Liberty?

A: I like how respectful and thoughtful the students are. I usually work in the middle school level, so it’s crazy going from the eighth grade level to the ninth grade level and seeing the level of respect.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge so far with being assisstant principal?

A: It’s definitely a shift from being in a classroom where you know what’s going to happen daily, to a job that is so open ended. I could have a plan for the day that will totally be changed because I have to meet with students or parents or go to a meeting. The day passes by so quickly.

Q: Walk me through a typical day at Liberty.
A: I meet a lot of students throughout the day, concerning schedules and frustrations. I also meet with teachers and observe them in their classroom. I also observe lunch to make sure everything is going smoothly. And then I go over my emails and projects.

Q: What has been your favorite part of working at Liberty?

A: Meeting with the students and the amazing team of people who work here are my favorite part. So many people are willing to answer my questions since I am a new to this position. I love hearing what students plan to do after high school because it so amazing to watch this time when they can choose to be whoever they want.