Liberty welcomes new classes for next school year

McKenzie Fysh, Staff Writer

The time has come! As you are signing up for next year’s classes, there have been some new additions in the 2016-17 course catalog. For students’ convenience, a course change window will be available from March 28 until April 1 to ensure that every student has a chance to reconsider their selections. The possibilities are endless!
Incoming seniors, are you looking for something to fill your social studies credit? This year, history teacher Aubrey Mathwig is introducing Globalization and Sustainability, a course centered around our modern food system and how food impacts the environment, animals, people in foreign countries, and the conditions they face.
During this class, students will explore the idea of food inequality.
“We tend to think that everyone has access to fruits and vegetables and healthy meats, but there are communities in this area who do not have a grocery story within reach,” Mathwig said.
As a field trip, the class will spend a day at a volunteer run farm in South Seattle that gives fresh food to communities without proper access.
“We are all connected; we are connected with what we eat to people in Argentina, Ecuador, and all over the globe. My goal is to get students thinking about where their food comes from,” Mathwig said.
Another new class this year, AP Japanese 4 is available. A college level course for those who have studied Japanese at Liberty, students will prepare for the AP exam by speaking fully in Japanese and immersing themselves in Japanese-speaking cultures through readings and discussions.
“My goal is to get students excited about advancing the Japanese program. I don’t want students to just be comfortable with what they have learned so far, but instead set the bar high and prepare for the future,” Japanese teacher Motoko Abe said.