Key clubbers attend 67th annual leadership convention

Hannah Norton, News Editor

Every year, thousands of Key Clubbers from all over the Pacific Northwest come to Seattle and attend Key Club’s DCON, or District Convention. The convention is centered around service, and aims to celebrate Key Club, spread awareness about volunteer opportunities, and give students a chance to connect and make relationships with other members of Key Club.
Students from as far south as California and as far north as Canada and Alaska attended the PNW DCON. This year, the convention was held in mid-March, and included workshops, caucuses, spirit rallies, a service fair, and a dance. Students also elected the 2016-2017 District Board and listened to motivational speakers.
“I think the best part is the students getting to meet other Key Clubbers from different places. It gives Liberty students an opportunity to meet and network with students who may offer a new perspective on things,” Key Club advisor Aubrey Mathwig said.
DCON seeks to teach students about the importance of service and selflessness, responsibility, delegation, commitment, positivity, and other crucial leadership skills.
“DCON is all about the education of service to the people. Although there are the social and fun aspects, DCON is really about helping the community and finding more ways to do so,” sophomore and Key Club Vice President Alan Tran said. “Meeting everyone from other divisions and regions, I really learned different ways to not only help my community, but to guide others toward helping their community.”
Besides promoting community service and leadership, DCON also allows students to have fun, meeting other Key Clubbers from all throughout the Northwest and commemorating their achievements from the year.
“My favorite part of DCON was getting to meet new people during the workshops. I got to meet people from different schools, states and I even got to meet people from Alaska,” sophomore Key Clubber Hannah Diaz said.