He sings. He swims. He farms. He is Samuel Rausch.

McKenzie Fysh, Staff Writer

Award winning singer, innovative farmer, talented swimmer, successful part- time homeschooled student, and alumni of a nationally recognized choir, all at the age of 16? This is your fellow Patriot, sophomore Samuel Rausch.
“When I was in second grade, I joined the American Boy Choir. In my four years there, we traveled across the United States. There was about thirty other boys and our conductor. On our bi-annual tour, we would stay with host families. I liked that a lot; it was always a fun experience,” Rausch said.
Graduate from the American Boy Choir program, Sam is now a part of the audition-only choir, Liberty Singers, and is an avid participant in competitions available to music students.
“This year at the regional Solo and Ensemble competition, I performed Già Il Sole Dal Gange, an Italian piece about the rise of the sun,” Rausch said.
The judges commented that his pitch was very accurate, and commended his stage presence. This performance won him the highest overall score in his voice category, walking away with a superior rating in every other entry this January, including an entry with Liberty’s men’s ensemble and another solo entry in the bass category.
But that’s not all. Sam also helps out on his multiple acre family farm, and participates in an organization based in Sequim that encourages sustainable living.
“Every morning, we wake up at 5 am and tend to the cows, geese, and chickens, and move the birds to fresh grass to feed,” Rausch said. “My family farms for quality food- birds for eggs, goats and cows for yogurt. It is really good life experience for us and teaches us discipline and agricultural skills.”
There’s no doubt that Samuel’s many talents make him a jack of all trades! Make sure to catch him in this year’s musical, Fiddler on the Roof!