Administration announces Martin as principal

Ellie Hohensinner, News Editor

After being Liberty’s assistant principal for five years, Sean Martin will be taking over as principal beginning the 2016-2017 school year.
“I have really enjoyed the last five years getting to know this school and the students and the staff and the community,” Martin said. “To still be a part of that, and having the opportunity of being more involved, is a thrill for me.”
Martin has been a teacher since 2001, when he began teaching English and history classes at Skyline. From there, he taught abroad in Turkey for five years at international schools before returning back to the Issaquah School District.
“I took the job in Turkey because I wanted to try an adventure. After I returned home, I realized that I wanted to continue to broaden my horizons, which motivated me to get my administration and principal certification,” Martin said.
Martin did not just receive this job because he was already the assistant principal; he had to go through the entire application process. It included multiple interviews with panels of staff members, district representatives, parents, and a student. Once the final two candidates were narrowed down, he had another interview with the superintendent and other district supervisors.
“It was intense, but I felt really good about that. I know the kids, I know the staff, I know the school, and I know the community,” Martin said. “It would have been nice if they said, ‘hey, take the position; your office is right next door’, but it was important to have it be a competitive process so that they could say, ‘we feel that you are the best person for this job and this school.’”
Martin has worked closely with current principal Josh Almy throughout his time at Liberty.
“Dr. Almy has been great about letting me in on a new challenge or rotation, in order to understand every aspect of this school. As he is getting more district responsibilities, he has been giving me more responsibilities here,” Martin said. “I am just trying to pick his brain about as much as I can before he moves on.”
Martin has some goals for the next few years, including continuing the expansion of opportunities offered at Liberty, as well as preserving the community aspect.
“I just hope that you guys realize just how special this school is. I’ve worked a lot of different places, and there is something different here,” Martin said.
“It’s been really exciting to see how this school has changed over the last five years. It has grown, in depth for the things we offer here, like more classes in all directions: AP classes, support classes, more chances for credit retrieval, and higher credit requirement. We are at a very interesting spot, where we can provide everyone opportunities to be on track,” Martin said. “I’m also excited to maximize the strong leadership here from the teachers, because they reflect positively on this entire school. That is something we have been working towards, and something I am excited to continue as principal.”