Patriot Profile: Liberty’s counseling secretary returns after five years at Issaquah!

Kasey Winter, Photography Editor

Do you ever wonder how classes have the right amount of students? Or how you get almost every class you sign up for? This all happens because of the counselors and the counseling assistant. They make sure you get enrolled, change classes, and help to give information on running start.
After five years at Issaquah high, Jeanette Werre decided it was time to come back to Liberty as the counseling secretary.
“I used to work at Liberty as assistant principal secretary for almost three years, then transferred to Issaquah high school and worked there for five years as the counseling support secretary. When this position at Liberty became available, I wanted to transfer to be closer to home and not have such a commute,” Werre said.
The reason she left Liberty in the first place was because they were cutting hours and Werre needed the money to send her kids to college. After her five years at Issaquah, a position at Liberty opened that was the same job she was doing but Liberty was much easier for her to get to.
“I’ve always wanted to come back to Liberty; its much closer to home and less of a commute so I was just looking for the opportunity to come back,” Werre said.
There were more advantages for coming back to Liberty including the fact that she’d be working with her daughter.
“Sometimes we carpool so that’s one of the advantages and I’m able to talk to her about things that we both understand that’s going on at work,” Werre said. “I love being back here and working with my daughter.”
Werre’s job is to inform students about running start, sign kids up for the classes, help students with their credits, and much more that is all essential to making Liberty function.