Liberty casts its vote in the presidential election

Brittany Toombs, Managing Editor

Following the infamous Iowa Caucus on February 1, the Patriot Press surveyed 234 students to discover who would become the next President of the United States if Liberty held the ballot. This presidential race—featuring a lengthy list of controversial candidates—has been heavily covered by the media for months. As state primaries approach, America has been taking a good look at the candidates who may end up leading our nation.
Many of Liberty’s juniors and seniors will be able to vote for the first time in this monumental election, so a survey was conducted to determine which candidates Liberty is keeping an eye on. An overwhelming 44% of the surveyed students picked Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who turned heads earlier this month by squaring up to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Caucus, losing by only 0.3% of the vote. Sanders also won the New Hampshire primary on February 9 with an impressive thirteen delegate votes.
Clinton, along with business tycoon Donald Trump, are also prominent on Liberty’s ballot. The other candidates received a fair amount of Liberty votes, though Republicans Chris Christie, Jim Gilmore, and John Kasich received fewer than four Patriot votes each and were categorized as “other”.*
We would like to note that the information gathered about Liberty’s top three candidate’s positions can be found on their websites.
*Martin O’Malley, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee have dropped out of the presidential race since the survey was given and are not included in the chart. They each earned less than five Liberty votes.