Innovative high school, Gibson Ek, will open in the fall

Bailie Schultz, Staff Writer

Starting next fall, some Issaquah School District high school students will have the chance to fulfill graduation requirements in a new and unusual way. Gibson Ek High School will open its doors to students in the fall.
“Gibson Ek students thrive by engaging in rigorous interest-based learning and authentic internships in a vibrant and supportive community,” according to the website.
“Our one goal is to create the best student experience for each of our students through a one-student-at-a-time focus. We’ll do this by personalizing each student’s learning while aligning their work with district, state, and national standards in order to prepare all of our students for college and careers,” Principal of Gibson Ek high school, Julia Bamba said.
The main difference between Gibson Ek and a regular high school will be the curriculum personalization for each student.
“We like to say that students become the directors of their learning through close work with their advisor, project based learning, and internships,” Bamba said.
Gibson Ek; will create an environment that parallels the real world by having relevant material to each student.
“We will work to make learning relevant and real world by providing a learning environment where students have access to hands on learning, real world and relevant problem solving and internships two days per week,” Bamba said.
As typical high school students, days are set to an standard schedule where we will focus on getting a specific mix of subjects to attain the credits we need to graduate. For Gibson Ek students, their week will be very different. Bamba shares plans for all school meetings some mornings of the week, followed by advisory time. Then students will have time to work independently, or utilize the planned innovation space where they can choose to work in the tech lab, design studio, science lab, woodshop, or recording studio.
“Students may be working independently or collaboratively in our open common space or HUB. Students may be doing intense research in our research and innovation labs or be out in the  garden. The possibilities are endless,” Bamba said.
Gibson Ek high school will be truly dedicated to helping each student excel in their passions and meet their future career goals.