FCCLA prepares for regional competition

Amanda Latham, Staff Writer

FCCLA (Family Careers and Community Leaders of America), one of Liberty’s clubs, is taking a step in learning how to help out the community.
“FCCLA is learning basic life skills to further your education for when you’re in ‘real life’ and having a family, even if that’s not what you want,” freshman Nicole Winters said. “FCCLA is basically learning how to do things for yourself.”
Winter’s first year of being a High School student is being spent on FCCLA club which she describes as a home makers club.
FCCLA members are going to the Region 4 competition at Ingraham High school in Seattle, on February 6 where they get challenged to do all sorts of different real life experiences: from being in an interview, to solving a community problem.
Depending on the events, participants could win scholarships from $500 to $10,000.
“The teaching train is an event with two people who pick a community issue.”Donna Abbey said. “Let’s say the community issue is literacy, they could take that and do something for parents and teaching kids and make reading fun.”
These different circumstances can help them get ready for the real world, and also shows them how to help out the community. Winters is participating in this event and doing illustrated talk, a way of teaching an audience by showing how it is done, on cloth diapers. She is explaining how beneficial cloth diaper can be.
“Having to be judged on something that is very controversial is very nerve wracking,” Winters said.
Nicole Winters understands that this topic is very difficult to convey as she has experienced it in her own life. She baby-sat eight month old twins since they were infants whom wore cloth diapers. She thought it was going to be challenging until she experienced it, and now she wants others to learn from her words.