Angel Closet provides coats for those in need

Sydney Willoughby, Staff Writer

The Angel Closet has been recently opened, here at Liberty, as a source of support for students in need. Students in need of clothing or even hygiene supplies can look to the Angel Closet as they are open every Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.
The PTSA began the Angel Closet with counseling secretary, Jeannette Werre, in order to help students who strive for more, but lack the necessities needed to accomplish a task. This can include running shoes for track or even cleats for soccer. This outreach program is designed to reach out to the community with item that are provided throughout the year.
“I came from Issaquah High School and the goal of the Angel Closet Outreach Program is to help support those in need. At the previous school, some students needed running shoes to participate in sports or even socks or underwear,” Werre said.
Other high schools in our district, such as Issaquah, have had great success in their Angel Closet and are hoping to pass the success to Liberty. Not only has this outreach program supplied members of our community with coats and jackets, it has also been able to distribute backpacks with ISF’s Tools 4 School as well as different emergency food packs during school breaks.
“We need it to get out to our student body so they are aware of what there is to offer,” Werre said.
The PTSA and Werre are striving to spread the word, not only to our student body, but also to our outer community. They are looking for more kids to come to this special outreach program as it’s here to help them in whatever they need.