Sports Medicine revises hour requirements

Gabe Maldbaum, Staff Writer

Sports Medicine Two and Three recently changed their rules for obtaining hours by making it mandatory to acquire them through school related activities.
This requirement was inputted through the Issaquah School District last year, so all schools in the district currently have to follow it.
“This makes getting hours more difficult and time-consuming now,” senior Madison Chapman said.
Contrary to student opinion, Sports Medicine teacher Morten Orren has data that the new hour requirements are helpful.
“This didn’t change the commitment for the students very much as the number of hours didn’t change. I’ve actually had students completing their hours faster so far this year than I have in any of the prior seven years that I’ve been here,” said Mort.
The students in Sports Medicine One also have new regulations. Orren requires Sports Medicine One students to gain their hours through activities not sponsored by the school because he cannot have 100-130 students trying to occupy space for a sporting event.
“Mort cares about his students; he knows it’s a struggle to get 180 hours because we are such busy students. He gives us opportunities to fulfill those hours and he wants us to succeed,” junior Ethan Le said.
All 180 hours add up to only one hour every single day during the school year. Hours can be gained during the summer which allows students to get a head start. Le and Chapman both earned over 70 hours in the summer alone.
“For any people considering Sports Med: if you’re afraid of the hours, don’t be,” Le said. “Even though it’s a lot, it’s totally worth it; the class is amazing, the teacher is amazing, and you all do it together.”