Patriot Profile: Dr. Butterworth takes over theater and video production

Sophie Ossorio, Staff Writer

Shakespeare…steampunk…comedy…“As You Like It”… This year LHS has a new Theater and Video Production teacher named Dr. Butterworth who plans on taking on the production “As You Like It” for the fall play.
“I’m a storyteller, a theater guy, and a teacher,” Butterworth said.
Butterworth has fond memories as a child of telling stories around the lunch table at school. Later, Butterworth knew he wanted to become a teacher at the age of 25 when he was asked to guest direct a high school production, and loved it.
“A lot of directing is teaching…and that is just who I am,” Butterworth said.
Butterworth always had a passion for directing and theater that was inspired by his high school drama teacher.
“I’ve been a teacher most of my career with some freelance directing during graduate school, and I worked with Children’s Theater in Mill Brook, Pennsylvania.”
What drove Butterworth to pursue a PhD in Theatre was a professor who believed in him and told him that he wouldn’t regret it.
“Drama teaching positions are especially rare in schools,” Butterworth said.
Before getting the Theatre/Video Production position at Liberty, Butterworth subbed at Skyline High School, teaching English.
“I hope to make an already strong theater department even stronger by introducing new things to the program, like The Cabaret,” Butterworth said.
The Cabaret will serve as the new fall fundraiser to help fund future productions, and to give more attention to the Patriot Players.
“This year we are keeping the musical secret until the fall fundraiser,” Butterworth said.
Butterworth has integrated this into The Cabaret on October 22, where the spring musical will be announced to increase school attention.
“I’m excited to work with the incredibly talented students and continuing this program’s history of excellence,” Butterworth said.