New classes add diversity to Liberty

Amanda Latham, Staff Writer

As of this year, there are five new classes offered that are perfect for those looking for a challenge, a creative outlet or a way to become a leader.
The new classes include Intro to Leadership, Songwriting, Intro to Psychology, AP Chemistry, and Honors World History Nine.
Leadership teacher Michelle Munson believes her new class is there to help students in life with activities and fun games. This class provides a safe environment for students to learn how they are a leader.
“I believe every student has leadership qualities within them,” Munson said. “This class is an opportunity for them to learn how to pull them out in certain circumstances and in their life in and out of the classroom.”
“The students that are really shy should take this class,” junior Kadi Cooke said. “It would help them to know other people and also people who are good leaders too because they can definitely influence them and help them grow.”
Songwriting is an extension of guitar one and two, which students have to take before entering this class unless they have talked to band teacher Jared Tanner.
“Students should take this class if you already maybe started writing some songs on your own or if they would love to but are a little afraid to start,” Jared Tanner said. “They’re going to leave this class with some songs they have written, and that’s pretty cool.”
Intro to Psychology is taught by Kayla Phillips and is teaching students more about themselves and the study of psychology in depth.
AP Chemistry, taught by Eleonor Schneider, goes much farther than regular chemistry. In the first three weeks of school students review chemistry and then transition into kinetics, equilibrium, redox equations and more. Students will be dealing with more hazardous chemicals too.
In Honors World History Nine students taught by Aubrey Mathwig will be doing a lot of analyzing of a book called Guns Germs and Steel throughout the year.
“It’s good to prepare them for other advanced classes, if they want to take AP next year, and it’s kind of a good stepping stone,” Mathwig said.
The new classes at Liberty have proven themselves to be equally challenging and rewarding.