New gaming club is a smash with student body

Logan Allan, Staff Writer

Liberty has welcomed a plethora of new clubs this year, each of them showing how drastically unique our school’s student body is. This year has seen the renewal of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, the combining of Doctor Who and Harry Potter Club to make FANDOMs Club, and most recently, the advent of Smash Club.
“Smash Club is basically a club for people who are fans of any version of Super Smash Bros, whether it is the older versions, like for the Gamecube, or the newer ones, like for the WiiU,” junior Sabrina Delmundo said.
Each Wednesday after school, the members of Smash Club meet in math teacher Thomas Kennedy’s room with their gaming devices to play a few rousing rounds of Super Smash Bros, trying to claw their way up the leaderboards and further improve their Smash skills.
“We wanted to start it off with a top eight that had somewhat of a ranking so that we knew who was the best and who was the worst, but it was a rough draft,” sophomore Troy Nelson said. “We then created a bracket with a bunch of round robin tournaments. Once you make the leaderboard, any person, even if they haven’t made the board, can challenge you. It’s a really unique system that works well for friendly competition.”
Although Smash Club is about, well, Super Smash Bros, the members occasionally branch out into playing other Nintendo games together.
“When you’re not playing Smash, or you’re out of the tournament, there’s a group of people that plays Fire Emblem in the back of the room,” senior Julia Nelson said. “Right now we’re just playing Smash and Fire Emblem because those are the games that people are into. As newer, more enjoyable group games come out, this group can change and adapt to what we all want to play together.”