ECO Squad educates students on sustainability

Betsy Faris, Staff Writer

You’ve probably seen the posters on the back of the bathroom stalls about sustainability and punny tree jokes. But where do they come from? The answer: ECO Squad.
ECO Squad is a club where those who are passionate about the environment can congregate and educate others on ways to make our school more sustainable.
“ECO Squad is so vital to our school,” sophomore Anna Benson said. “It shows how to be sustainable and green, because when we are sixty, none of us are going to want to live in a pile of trash.”
This year, ECO Squad has taken on several projects to educate students and spread awareness on how to be green and sustainable. One of these projects is affectionately called ‘Potty Talks.’
“The ‘Potty Talks’ are posters that go on the back of the bathroom stalls, so students are forced to look at them, junior Vincy Fok said. “They are full of information and Green Team facts that remind people how to be conscious about conserving water.”
The club’s “shake and fold” project is also underway, which will help students understand how to use less paper resources in the bathroom.
“The ‘shake and fold’ project is all about informing people of a green way to wash their hands,” Fok said. “The school has new resources, such as the double flushers, that students should know how to use.”
Not only is ECO Squad working on these new projects, but members also attended the District Sustainability Summit at Issaquah High School on April 22, which also happened to be Earth Day. At the summit, Green Team leaders from all over the District came together to make an action plan on how to make schools more sustainable in their environmental practices.
“There is nothing better than being in a club where everyone cares about the same things that you do,” Benson said.