Troupers strut supreme talent

Shelby Lex, Editor-In-Chief

Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new and exciting. Make a fool of yourself, no regrets. These items are on many students’ high school bucket lists, and for those participating in Liberty’s annual Talent Show on March 3, some of these “must-do” items were definitely crossed off the list.

With seventeen acts performing that night, the show exhibited talents ranging from musical acts—with bands performing original songs, singers, pianists and a ukulele player—to dance performances—with ballet, hip hop, and even traditional Bohemian Folk dancing—to extreme hula-hooping. However, in the end, the acts that placed in the top three were a dance group called “Click,” sophomore dancer Cameron Lautenslager, and a band, “The Flaming Homo Sapiens.”

Placing third, the dance group “Click” was comprised of seniors Danielle Demps, Will Nguyen and Daniel Rodriguez. The trio performed a mix of hip-hop, choreography, tutting, free-style, and floor work to a mash-up of the songs “Revolution,” “Suit and Tie,” “Hold on We Are Coming Home,” and “Uptown Funk.”

“We choreographed the majority of it,” Demps said. “We’d see what each other were doing when we were just messing around dancing, and we’d be like ‘Ooh, we should put that in there.’ And so we just stole bits and pieces from each other.”

In second place, Lautenslager, who won Liberty’s Talent Show last year and has participated in his schools’ Talent Shows since fifth grade, also performed a dance routine to Dubstep music.

“I’d say my dancing is improv dancing,” Lautenslager said. “There’s a lot of musicality to it, so it’s based on the feel of the music.”

And finally, coming in first place was the band “Flaming Homo Sapiens,” made up of seniors Jenny Wood, Drew Brady, Zach Weibel, Griffin Dittmar and junior Quincy Loreen. The band played two covers by the band Lake Street Dive, “Seventeen” and “I Want You Back.”

“It was less of a performance and more just fun,” Wood said. “We put this together in the band room in about four rehearsals, so it was more about just showing people what we’d done in such a short amount of time. It wasn’t about winning anything, just making music with your friends.”