Q&A on AP Human Geography

Sam Kelderman, Staff Writer

Student’s Perspective; Madison West (9):

Q: How are you personally doing in the AP Human Geography?

A: The studying is the most difficult part of the class for me. Keeping up with the workload is hard because a lot of stuff tends to be due around the same time, so time management is key. And while you gain a lot of study habits from the class, you have to learn all of these habits on your own.


Q: Describe the difference between AP Human Geography and your eighth grade social studies class. Were you prepared?

A: Zero to one hundred is how much of a difference it was for me. People who decided to take AP hadn’t been in the challenging class before, so when we signed up for classes, those who wanted a challenge took the AP Human Geography class without understanding the difficulty of the class. It’s not necessarily all social studies or history either. We are learning the concepts rather than the time periods which are different from last year. I never really had to study for any classes before. Now, that I am here at Liberty, I have to study for all my classes and I have to study extra for AP Human Geography.


Q: Describe to me what students should know about this class before taking it?

A: Make sure you’re disciplined and that you manage your time well. I know a lot of people that had sports and clubs they wanted to do but couldn’t because they didn’t realize the class would take so much time. It is a major change and new experience for everyone.


Teacher’s Perspective; Mr. Gardiner:

Q: How is the freshman class handling the AP Human Geography class?

A: Many of the freshman didn’t need to study to get good grades at Maywood, so for many of them this is the first time they have had to study and work hard to do well in a class. That said, I have seen a tremendous amount of growth from them this year. Their study habits, self-discipline and work ethic have improved drastically since the first week of school. Additionally, their grades are consistent with other AP classes here at Liberty so that’s a good sign.


Q: Describe to me the difference of teaching the new class this year compared to last year?

A: Many of this year’s students didn’t know what to expect or didn’t realize the class would be as challenging as it turned out to be, so that presented a variety of unique challenges. I spent a significant amount of time this year preparing lessons, learning the content and AP expectations, and answering questions from students and parents.


Q: What do you want students to know about the class before taking it?

A: This class is not for everyone. If you are going to challenge yourself by taking an AP class your freshmen year you should carefully and thoughtfully consider whether or not it’s the right option for you. This is a rigorous class but for many of this year’s students it has been worth the commitment.