Great Careers event offers viable alternative to college

Grant Rayfield, Online Editor

How would you like to make $41,000 to $50,000 per year at the entry level for your job? And what if the job didn’t require you to go to college? In that case you would be a professional welder, which is one of many jobs that will be showcased at the Great Careers event on March 5 at Mary Queen of Peace Church in Sammamish. The event, hosted by Issaquah School District, is open to any students in grades ten through twelve who are interested in learning more about the opportunities that technical jobs have to offer.

The focus this time of year is on getting into college, yet many people forget that one doesn’t have to go to a four year college to have the opportunity to get a good job with a good wage; there are also trade schools, two-year postsecondary certificates, and apprenticeships available. There will be guest specialists speaking at the Great Careers event from at least 23 unique fields of high-wage jobs, including everything from accounting and computer science to fashion design and personal fitness.

“We hope [the Great Careers event] will inspire students to learn about a career they are interested in and know how to move forward in pursuing their goals,” career specialist Judy Co said.

Registration at and a signed field trip permission slip are due by Feb. 13; the first 25 students to register for the event will be given a ticket for a drawing that will occur at the conference. Lunch and transportation to and from the event will be provided by Liberty on the day of the event.