Godfrey and Waters want you for Boys’ State Legislature

Gabby Messina, Staff Writer

Are you interested in becoming a politician? Are you interested in America? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, and are a male, you may also be interested in Boys’ State Legislature, an event which teaches young men about participating in government positions.

Last summer, seniors Dan Godfrey and Alec Waters attended the Boys’ State Legislature, and now encourage junior boys to do the same. Juniors can be nominated by any teacher in the school, and then proceed through a series of interviews with the American Legion to be admitted to the event.

According to Godfrey, although the week was a challenge, and he had to miss a few of his second-semester finals to attend, it was worth the effort.

“It was an excellent, yet really difficult and strenuous week,” Godfrey said. “You’re booked from morning to night.”

At this week-long event, participants take part in many different activities. They are divided into “cities,” and elect each other to state government positions. There are key note speakers and other activities meant to demonstrate how the government functions. The boys learn about the history of our government and citizenship, they also get to meet state-representatives, and become eligible for scholarships.

“You go to Boy’s State University, which is like classes, for three of the days, and there you choose to specialize in different fields,” Godfrey said.

For another two days, the boys run the mock-state, and fill each of the roles of the regular state government. Then the administrators of the event drop a problem on them late at night.

“You have to balance a budget, solve problems, and are accountable for your citizens,” Godfrey said.
Youth State Legislatures are held in every state besides Hawaii, and have varying activities. Some include guest speakers, forming mock government and trials, and speaking competitions.

“It’s hard, but you will be happy that you did it at the end,” Godfrey said.