Q & A with Ms. Oxford

The Patriot Press got an exclusive Q&A interview with Mental Health counselor Cecilia Oxford to find out more about why she chose Liberty and her new role here.

Ian Page, Senior Writer

Q: Why did you become a mental health counselor?
A: Several years ago I was working as an editor at a publication and I found myself always drawn to people who were struggling or having a hard time. Over the course of my life I realized that these were the people I was drawn to. I got involved in social work with the intention of helping these people. I worked as an intern and got to experience working with refugee individuals in the community and just really enjoyed it.

Q: What are your goals for this year?
A: Since it’s my first year at Liberty, my main goal is to get out there and meet students and figure out where the main needs are. I want to figure out what the struggles are and how I can help to fix them.

Q: How can we raise awareness for mental health issues?
A: I think a lot of it is conversation with individuals who have experienced it or have family members who have experienced it. The more conversation we have, the more it decreases the stigma around it so we can gain understanding for what it really means.

Q: Why did you choose Liberty High School?
A: I applied for a job in the Issaquah School District, and it all worked out because I live very close to here. I wanted to work in a high school because the process of development in adolescence is one of the toughest but also one of the most exciting to be a part of and being able to work and partner with students who are going through struggles and provide support is why I’m here and why I chose this field.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who might be struggling with mental health issues?
A: I would say just talk about it. Find people who understand who can offer encouragement. I think a lot of times why mental health becomes such a large problem because people try and deal with it on their own and often times they just need someone to support and hear them.

Q: What else do you want the students at Liberty to know?
A: I am here when students are full-time Monday through Friday; I can connect with students before and after school as well as during lunch and sometimes during classes. I’m pretty open and pretty flexible on times to meet.