Robotics takes 4th place at Girl’s Generation


Ellie Hohensinner, News Editor

On October 18, eight girls of the Liberty’s Iron Patriots competed in an off-season robotics competition called Girls Jr. Generation at Tahoma High School. 36 teams including Liberty competed in the competition. With drivers that had never driven before, they took fourth place in finals. The robot named “Free Willy”, competed in nine qualification matches and two semifinal matches for the game “Aerial Assist.” The teams of 3 vs. 3 are randomly mixed with and against robots from other schools. The purpose is for the robots to throw yoga balls into different goals and above various obstacles. The difference in this competition is that all of the drivers and people that work on the robots mid competition all have to be female. It is that way to give the robots more experience in competition and to empower females who are minorities in the STEM field.