Patriot Profile: Lisa Antonio embraces Key Club leadership role

Shelby Lex, Editor-In-Chief

A few facts you may not be aware of: a child dies every nine minutes due to neonatal tetanus; you’ve probably stayed in a hotel where human trafficking occurred; and senior Lisa Antonio is responsible for every Key Club in the Pacific Northwest.

Responsible for 50 District Board members and 15,000 Key Club students, Antonio, Key Club District Governor, spends about one to two hours a day on Key Club related items. But Antonio’s work doesn’t end when the school year is over.

Over the summer Antonio worked with Eliminate, an organization working to reduce the spread of neonatal tetanus, and Red Light Traffic, an organization focused on ending human trafficking. Antonio also worked with organizations such as Sign, which makes prosthetic legs and arms for people in Tanzania and for Mountains to Sound Greenway.

“My motto says that the best life you can have is when you are constantly giving back to people,” Antonio said.

As District Governor, Antonio has traveled to eastern Washington, Canada, and southern Oregon. She plans to visit Los Angeles and eastern Canada before organizing the Key Club District Convention in March, usually attended by 2,000 Key Club members.
For Antonio, Key Club has transformed her life and she encourages others to join.

“I’m incredibly proud of who I am as a person because of the outlook I have on life, and that’s all because of Key Club,” Antonio said.