Liberty adds iPads to health program

Skyler Radford, Staff Writer

Health teacher Donna Abbey has added iPads to the health curriculum with the plan to advance Liberty’s technology while making health an exciting class.

Liberty has been growing with new classrooms and teachers, and now new technology has been added to the sequence. Teachers think iPads will make the class a more interactive environment. Since students already know how to use the technology, it will be an easy introduction to a new way of learning.

“It is like pulling out a little white board, but instead you’re pulling out your own device just like any other tool in the classroom,” Abbey said.

Not only do students have a new tool, but they have a new way to do projects. There are apps on the iPads that students can use to create videos and that will make projects more exciting than the usual Microsoft PowerPoint.

“Because health is always changing, [iPads] gives us the opportunity to expand our learning and give us the necessary tools for future careers in mind,” Abbey said.

In this era of technology, all businesses and colleges have incorporated iPads and other common devices into how they interact with customers and students. Bringing these devices into Liberty’s learning will add to students’ education while preparing them for future tasks.

“Liberty has fallen behind because elementary and middle schools have already begun to use iPads in many classes, so the sooner we incorporate this technology, the more up to speed we are on current learning methods,” Abbey said.

Currently, Skyline has six teachers using iPads in their classes, and Maywood has iPads in science, math, and health. Elementary schools started using iPads last year. Liberty is only just getting in the loop of advancing technology, and teachers expect this new method of education to expand students’ minds.