Class ranks: weighing in favor of Liberty’s scholars

Logan Allen, Staff Writer

As of this year, weighted class rankings have officially been implemented as a part of Liberty’s class ranking system. Liberty has chosen to adopt this style of ranking to promote the equality of academic success between students who have challenged themselves by taking AP and College in the High School courses and the students who have stuck with the Common Core classes.

The counselors will calculate both weighted and unweighted ranks of the senior class in the first semester before college admissions. Instead of sending both ranks directly to the colleges seniors are applying to, counselors will release whichever rank places them higher on the academic scale.

“The purpose of this is to not only put Liberty’s, but also the student’s best foot forward when applying to their schools of choice,” counselor Kay Hutchinson said.

The scouting for Liberty’s Valedictorian has been made simpler with the implementation of the weighted class rankings. The graduating senior with the highest academic weighted class ranking will be the Valedictorian.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the GPAs of the students who have pushed themselves stack up to the students who have stayed along the common academic path. This also makes it easier for colleges to see the work of the students who have put forth extra effort,” counselor Dorothy Hay said.