Assistant principal Ed Marcoe to retire June 30th

Claire Good, News Editor

After a total of 42 years in the education field— working at six different schools—Liberty’s assistant principal Ed Marcoe is stepping into retirement.

“I got my first job as a history teacher when I was 22,” Marcoe said. “Which means the seniors I taught then are now turning 60.”

Becoming an educator at such a young age was no question for Marcoe, who grew up with strong respect and admiration for some of his own teachers. He considers one of his proudest moments to be when he interviewed for his first job at Bethel High School, and was able to tell his parents that he’d been hired.

After working at Bethel High School, Marcoe worked in various positions at Kent Meridian, Eatonville, Issaquah, Tiger Mountain, and finally as an assistant principal at Liberty. While at Kent Meridian in 1982, Marcoe was hired into his first administration position. He hired a special-ed teacher named Sue Balph, whom he eventually married.

Some of Marcoe’s other achievements include earning his bachelor and master degrees, being a principal at a comprehensive high school, and coaching a few championship baseball and golf teams. He also holds pride in his time at Liberty, and getting to assist with the changes brought on by the school remodel.

Marcoe would define the culture of Liberty as one of hard work, strong values, and compassion.

“The staff really does care about the students,” Marcoe said. “They constantly go out of their way to help individuals, which you don’t always see at a high school.”

The unique students made for an especially enjoyable experience working at Liberty.

“Of all the schools that I have been involved with, this is a great place.” Marcoe said. “It has a great group of kids; I don’t see an entitlement mentality that can be common in high schools.”

Upon leaving Liberty, Marcoe will miss the students the most. “The students here have been wonderful to me.” He said. “I used to go around the 500 wing with a garbage can at lunch time, and it was the best job I ever had. I got to talk to so many people.”

Marcoe’s immediate plans after retirement include coordinating some household projects and taking up golfing.