Key Club returns to DCON

Jacob Johnston, Photography Editor

Liberty Key Club members recently attended Key Club’s annual District Convention (DCON) on April 4 through 6, a special conference where students involved in Key Club around the Northwest gather and learn different ways to volunteer in the Key Club community.

This year, 27 students traveled to Seattle for three days to experience DCON, where they participated in different workshops and activities geared towards creating a better understanding of volunteering and Key Club.

“There are a variety of workshops students can go to while at DCON. Some are geared towards training Key Club students in leadership roles, while others provide information on organizations that Key Club partners with. There’s also a few that are a bit wackier, like a yoga class, but mostly the workshops are focused on service,” Key Club Advisor Tonja Reischl said.

However, DCON is not all just learning; it is a celebration of Key Club. Students go to a dance, spirit rallies and compete to be the most spirited among other schools attending.

“The convention is meant to be part celebration and part for getting people excited about Key Club. Students love the celebration side of the event,” Reischl said.

So how does DCON impact students besides giving them a broader knowledge of the program? According to Reischl, DCON sparks a passion for Key Club after attending.

“While at DCON, students get good ideas about projects they can participate in. They are more excited and energetic about Key Club after DCON. Ultimately, most of the students who attend DCON walk away with a sense of Key Club that is bigger than just Liberty,” Reischl said.