ASB cuts directorships

Max Greenwald, Editor-in-Chief

ASB advisor Michelle Munson, with the guidance of the ASB executive board, plans on cutting ASB directorships to reduce the class-size starting next year.

“The directorships are really important… but we have a few more directors than we need this, year and the class is pretty big, so it might be a good thing if we had a few less directorships next year,” ASB executive board male senator Dan Godfey (11) said.

The need to cut down on students in ASB started with the addition of an actual classroom for the class: the students and Munson noticed an unusually high volume of students in a single room. Munson cites the difficulty of interacting with so many students at once as being the driving force in cutting directorships.

“I love the idea of kids having voice and being a part of our program – the more voice we have the more representation we have for the student body,” Munson said, “The reality is, managing 44 students is not easy”.

Though the number of directors per directorships is not yet decided, Munson expects most directorships will only have one.

“[The executive board] will sit down with me and figure out ‘what are our needs?’… We’ll look at who we are as a group and where we could use some extra help,” Munson said.

Cutting directorships is expected to increase efficiency, allow Munson to interact with students, and increase competition for elected positions. Already this year there are far fewer candidates running unopposed.

“In going up for jobs, some people win and some people lose – that’s real life. The hard part of high school elections is you know who you’re going up against,” Munson said.

Since fewer directors will be making decisions and elected officers will be choosing them, Munson reminds students that their vote is meaningful.

“I think it’s important that kids vote – they are voting for people who are their voice because the decisions we make in this classroom affect the student body,” Munson said.