Q and A on construction with Mr. Almy

Jordan Carlson

Have there been any setbacks or failures with this construction project if yes what are they?

On this particular site, the biggest issue that we’ve encountered is soil conditions. After you get down to a certain level, you experience a lot of water. In, phase 2 as we did excavation work we had to deal with very wet soil, we had to export and import new soils. There is an underground air duct below the performing arts center. So we had experiences of bad problems with what we call a spun duct, and when we had heavy rain it flooded the duct.  When we got that resolved we had lost 2 months of construction, so that’s the kind of things we deal with, what the site conditions are, and sometimes just bad construction techniques. With phase 2 we started off a month late due to some contractual issues, then some problems with soils. Phase 2 is more complex. We had to deal with students. We had to bring in portables to house students and still allow them to get from the science wing to the gymnasium through construction which added to the complexity. And then again the complexity of construction is not a simple square box like the theater is. With phase 3 were doing great, we got it out of the ground early and the soil is great, the weather is good for us, and we are doing great out there right now.


How far will the construction process be at by the end of this school year?

Phase 2 should be completed in the next couple of months. With phase 3 they are right on schedule, and if it all goes well without any unforeseen conditions. We’re hoping to have the space from what I can see ready for July and august. Basically ready for the start of next school year.


How do you feel a new design and layout of Liberty will affect liberty students and their learning?

Well I think it will be a great improvement over what you guys were dealing with before. You have a brand new theater and choral instrumental room. New video production space, you have an additional auxiliary gym, new locker rooms weight rooms, a new training room you didn’t have before, new commons twice the size than the one before, brand new kitchen, a culinary arts program that’s expanding, and new administration, and counseling offices. When phase 3 is complete you will have a brand new library, they will be modern and contemporary, all the classrooms will have daylight too, so a major improvement overall, that will definitely benefit all the students and staff. Plus you get rid of all the portables.


What do you like about how the new parts of school are turning out?

The Landback auditorium now, for the theater you have the state of the art. Actually, Issaquah high school was just completed and right now you have more up to date technology in that space, so just a major jump forward in that. I have heard lots of good things about the experience in the theater, and lots of good things about the commons, people like the open space, and a lot of natural light you didn’t have before. Also, the choice of the DECA store, culinary program, or the kitchen, not too many schools have that selection to choose what they want. The openness, the natural daylight, you got these large plazas outside when good weather comes around students can hang out, everything is definitely a positive thing for this school than what it was before.


Last minute remarks?

Glad to know that the students are enjoying it, that what we are here for, improve the school for you and make it an enjoyable and good learning experience.