Almy discusses the construction timeline

Nathan Dahm

Q: The school has undergone drastic changes for the end of the last school year up through now; can you detail this progress and the current timeline set for completion of each phase?

A: “Phase one which was the Preforming Arts Center opened last January, but work continues on minor details in that space while students continue to occupy it—the PAC is about 97% done. Phase two which includes the commons, plaza, new gym, locker rooms, weight room, administration, and counseling offices are about 80% complete with quite a bit of work left to do in these spaces, but they are becoming more and more functional. Phase three which includes the 500 wing and 600 wing is proceeding as scheduled—as of now I would expect that area of the building to be move in ready by the start of next year. Finally, phase four—the stadium—should have approved plans and contractors by spring of this year; construction on that should begin the day after football and soccer season ends for the 2014-2015 school year.”

Q: What are some of the problems that have been encountered that have delayed the completion dates of each phase? What do these delays mean for students?

A: “Factors that have been issues have been the HVAC system.  There have been leaks in areas that we continue to try and troubleshoot. The largest piece that has not been completed is the flooring in the commons—it needs to be finished and glossed. The good thing is that the contractor and construction workers are on top of the issues. Students should notice some differences once these are complete but there aren’t any large interruptions that I expect.”

Q: Are there any events that you predict in the near future that will have an impact on students regarding construction?

A: “Over Thanksgiving and winter break the flooring in the commons and some areas of flooring in the building should be finished and glossed, the plaza is starting to come together and should be a fully functional space, and the dark painted area that surrounds the entrance into the food service lines should be stainless steel plated. With students occupying the commons we’ve had to delay the work in these areas until they are vacant, so they shouldn’t really be affected.”

Q: Is the winter weather having any effect on construction, and if so will this correlate to any effects on students?

A: “It’s hard to say whether or not the weather will be a factor. It evidently affected phase one a few years ago, and delayed it by four to six months. Will it delay phase three? I hope not, but it’s hard to say.”